Christelle Giraneza Uwantege

  Kicukiro / Kagarama

  KK 441 ST



Christelle is a butterfly full of dreams and hope...Just a metaphor, Lol! She is a medical student at the University of Rwanda. She is a proud Christian and a daughter in a family of two. She likes art, music and reading books. She is a young African visionary, research passionate and natural born leader. She has a lot of hidden talents more like hobbies, but oddly she likes to keep them in the dark...Until now. She can be a songwriter, a poet, and a story writer. Crazy, right? That is why she likes to call herself "Lost butterfly". She is no longer hiding herself though, she is no longer lost in the name of Jesus Christ. She likes sharing and she believes that life is all about the giving more than the receiving. She can be funny, enthusiastic and a good listener.