2019-03-14 17:51:34

Ask God boldly

I believe that some of us are not receiving from God what he wants us to have because we do not ask him boldly. We make weak , faithless requests. God loves us a lot, that he is more than ready to listen to all our prayers. Let us ask him boldly.

We always ask for prayer and say: "Is it okay if I ask for two things?" Our uncertainty is sad because Jesus clearly told us to ask so that our joy would be complete.I want  whatever God wants to give me spiritually, physically,emotionally and mentally. I pray boldly, but I do not it because I think I am worthy. I know that I have faults, and my confidence is not in myself- it is in him.

My joy is not from having things that God gives me, but from loving. God intimately and knowing that he wants me to be totally dependent on him for everything I need. I get up everyday and do the best I can , and by faith I want to receive all that God wants me to have.

A few years ago, I stepped out in faith and prayed a bold prayer that even sounded crazy to me. I said ," God, I am asking you to let me help every single person on the face of the earth." That is when I decided that I will do Medicine, and by his grace I got the admission...Trust me, it was not that easy.

My mind said: "Now that is stupid." But I kept on praying anyway. Even though I knew that I have not maximized in National exam and I had no other choice other than choose another option to study. I suddenly remembered what my little brother used to tell me "You can do anything through Jesus Christ who gives you strength."  This word of God from a 14 year old gave me strength to continue praying and believing. It finally happened I am in Medicine and not because of me ,but because of the grace of Jesus of Christ.

I do not know how God is going to let me help every person on the face of the earth, but I am going to continue trusting him. I would rather ask for a lot and get part of it than ask for a little and get all of it.

Have you been praying for something and you start thinking that it is impossible? Well let me tell you that nothing is impossible for the Lord, unless it is not yet the right timing. You will be surprised by how much your prayers can make a difference.

Prayer starter: Father, thank you for caring about every single area of my life. Right now, I lift up all of my need to you and boldly ask for your blessings, provision, healing , protection, grace and strength. I choose to raise my expectations , knowing that you can perform the impossible in my life! In the name of Jesus I pray, Amen.

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