2019-03-24 11:36:51

Time (Poem)

Such an honour and a pleasure to have written this collaborative poem with an amazing talented friend of mine and poet:) Looking forward to more collaborative writing with the awesome and inspiring poet Placide (A. K. A Palala). Enjoy and leave a comment!

They say that karma is a bitch

I have never taken it seriously

Maybe i had but not that much

Until time played me tricks.

See, for a long time,

I was the master of my time.

Everything that i did,

Went exactly as i had planned.

I made time for my studies,

I made time for my friends,

Made time for myself,

Even made time for my stupid stuff:)

I Was the queen;

And i ruled over my time.

Until recently,

When time decided to retaliate.

Was it work?

Was it lots of studies?Parties maybe...?

Or was i only lost in time?

I Would never know

Because i barely made time

For anything 

Or anyone.

Time after time,

I am no longer who i was.

Deep in my mind,

I wish i could go back in time.

For, i was the master of my time

Now time has become the master of me

I wish it could be reversed

Because i do not know what i am doing.

I am tired of being opponents with time

I want to be available again

But have to face time wisely

In order to find myself again.

The lost butterfly & Palala

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