2019-03-16 06:42:57

Dance in the rain (Poem)

Having a free spirit, that is the best feeling ever. Do not let anything deter you from reaching your full potential. Do not wait for bad things in your life to go away, instead, have a positive attitude, take challenges head on and enjoy the journey.

Dance in the rain, life is not about waiting for the storm to pass.

Dance in the storm, life is not about how you survive the thunderstorm.

Life is about how you stand still and fight for what you want.

Dance like no one is watching, your happiness depends on you.

Dance under the streams of water, asking God to grant you the serenity to accept things you cannot change.

Dance in the rain, be kind to yourself.

Dance in the rain, know your self-worth by achievement and equated love with performance.

Dance in the rain, accept that you are hurting and face it.

Dance in the rain, compassionately experience your difficult emotions.

Dance in the rain, maneuver gracefully in the wetness of life.

Dance in the rain, tolerate the moisture with a sense of humour.

Dance in the rain, smile more when your feet get wet.

Dance in the rain, laugh your heart out.

Dance in the rain, cherish your memories.

Dance in the rain, remember you only have one life to live.

Life can be full of surprises

Life can be tough

Life can be challenging and daring

Life can be discouraging,disheartening and dissuading

Life can be dark and sad

But always remember, life is a gift.

Life is a trust from God

Life is a journey.

Live ,embrace the reality and learn how to dance in the rain.

The lost butterfly


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