2019-04-09 13:36:03

Moving on

A lot of stories untold, a lot of unspoken feelings and a lot of memories to move on from. This is a poem of lost love, unexpressed feelings ,acceptance and courage of moving on from what we can not change. Always a pleasure to write with the talented and amazing poet, Placide.

Easier said than done,

I know what I should do;

But how do we move on

From something that I experience everyday?

How do I forget

Someone that I see everyday?

Who said it is easy

I may close my eyes to the things 

That i do not want to see, but

How can i close my heart to the things

That i do not want to feel?

They say that I should move on

That it is the only option

And I know it is,

But it does not seem easy

Or even possible

I see you and 

I wish to tell you

What I feel

But suddenly I get stuck

And I feel so scared

Courage gave up on me

Or maybe I gave up on it

And now fear has gotten stronger

Than the feeling that I can not express

Get hold of yourself,

I tell myself everyday

Reality is tough and cruel 

But what is meant to be,

Will come eventually

And I will be ready then.

Kiki & Palala

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