2019-04-07 13:30:19

Worth being remembered (Poem)

This poem is dedicated to all the beautiful souls we lost in the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi. Let us cherish the beautiful memories we had with them, remember all the good advises they gave us and live in peace and harmony with each other. That is what they would have wanted and still want for us. Let us put our strength together to build our country from ashes and for what happened, never to happen again.

A beautiful country flooded with blood

A blessed nation turned dark

A lovely home filled with cries

A happy place crumbled into sorrow and sadness.

Joy and love is what brought us together,

But one day all of that vanished.

All of the sudden hatred was all over the place,

Humanity and respect was no longer a virtue.

Innocent children cried for help,No one listened.

Mothers begged for the protection of their children, No one wanted to help.

Fathers tried protecting their homes, No one understood.

Brothers fought for their families,

They got killed as reward.

Our pretty sisters got raped, No one cared.

They divided us, we let them.

They manipulated us, we let them.

They dug holes, put us in them...we let them.

But what they forgot is that our wounds made us who we are.

 They made us stronger and fearless.

Mourning is personal, let me say individual.

Many of us have not seen what happened,but

We still see the consequence.

We hear stories from our elders.

Let us not hear in vain.

We miss our loved ones during parties, wedding ceremonies, graduation and family gatherings.

We wished we could still be with them, 

But what is certain is that they watch over us from heaven.

Let us not forget where we came from,

But remember where we are going.

Let us remember that we came from the same ancestors,created by the same God.

And remember, love is more important than hate.

Let us light up the world with our beautiful virtues, even though we once lived in the darkness.

Let us build our tomorrow, as together we are tomorrow.

Let Unity be our song

Rebirth ,our rhythm

Remembering ,our virtue

As those beautiful souls we lost deserve to be remembered and be proud from above.

Christelle GIRANEZA 

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