2019-03-21 01:57:51

Rare Diamond

We all have those people that inspire us, want the best for us and push us to be the best version of ourselves. Real friends exist and they are rare diamonds in our lives. difficult to replace and so shiny to ignore their sparkling light. This poem is dedicated to all the rare diamonds in my life.

Rare diamond, special gift from heaven. 

Each moment brings a light to my dark days,

Always there when I am feeling sad and lost,

Listening to what I have to say, even when what I am saying makes no sense.

Finding a way to make smile, laugh and feel better.

Reminding me that I am loved,

Inspiring me to go extra miles,

Encouraging me to rise up above and be invincible,

Never wanting me to feel unhappy or weak,

Doing all that he possibly can.

Saying what is good, and saying it from the heart.

And taking time to give me his hand for me to hold on tight,

Realizing that I need his help, before I even reach him.

Even in the middle of the night.

Reaching me to catch me when I am about fall,

Every time I lose sight of light,

After everyone has come and gone,

Life brought me the rare person that stayed around and accepted who I am.

My life would not have been so amazing , without this rare diamond.

Inside and out, hard to find and worth more than gold.

No matter what the reason is, he will be there till the end.

Every time coming to my rescue like a superhero.

I am more than lucky to have him in my life, 

Special, caring and affectionate are his virtues.

Thanking him for pulling up with me will not be enough but,

Honestly gratitude is what I feel for having such a rare friend

Every fond memories we shared, I will cherish them forever

Being near and far, I know that I have someone to count on.

Even my darkest secrets, demons and past do not scare him.

So know my friend that , I love you.

This poem is all I could get.

Lost butterfly

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